How BesTTable online table reservation system is working

Funktionsweise des Besttable Reservationssystem Imagine how easy it would be if you could use a centralized table reservation solution without worrying about the technical details, which is what the Besttable Online Table Reservationsmanager offers you

Besttable Online Table Reservations Manager

In addition, you get a lot of marketing tools of the daily requirement specially tailored to the gastronomy of today. In order to use the Besttable Reservationsmanager solution, you only need a PC with browser and internet connection. The solution also works across the system across Android and Apple devices.

As a registered restaurant, you will be given the possibility to take reservations directly from from the time of your complete restaurant profile on Besttble. Furthermore, you can generate reservations for your restaurant where your guest moves by means of a reservation box which is integrated directly on your website or Facebook. Your guest reserves the right to use the appropriate channel via the restaurant guide, via your website, Facebook or via telephone.

The reservation - simple and fast

Restaurant Gast Guest


The guest uses the restaurant guide and chooses the desired date, time and place (for restaurants with several branches) and if the restaurant allows it, appropriate space.

The restauranteur defines opening times or special opening times when may be reserved.

If the restaurant permits, shows the corresponding free tables at the desired location and location

Through a table plan, the restaurant can show the guest how, where tables are available in which dining rooms.

The guest chooses the desired table and specifies the name, first name, mobile phone number or e-mail address to which then a token is sent, the guest enters the token on and can continue with the reservation.


The restaurant has always the possibility to see who has reserved and can contact the guest if necessary.

The guest receives a confirmation of the reservation as confirmation by SMS and / or e-mail.

The restaurant is indicated by e-mail that there is a new reservation. Depending on the setting of the restaurant, the booking is confirmed directly or only when the restaurant is ok.


After visiting the restaurant

The guest will receive an SMS / e-mail within 24 hours after the reservation with the restaurant and to give feedback

The use of this function is left to the restaurant itself and can be activated or deactivated at any time. The feedbacks have to be released by the restaurant and will be publicly shared * if desired ( / Facebook)

Customerfeedbacks after the restaurant visit

If the guest wants, he can use the link to the evaluation portal and has the possibility to give feedback on predefined points

1. Overall Impression
2. Quality of the food
3. Friendliness of the staff
4. Cleanliness
5. Price performance

Customer feedback received automatically after the restaurant visit

The restaurant owner has the possibility to see all the details of the evaluation and to get in direct contact with the customer. Each feedback is linked to the corresponding reservation. Thanks to the feedback.

If the guest who makes the reservation indicates an e-mail address during the reservation and gives the impression that he wants to receive your restaurant newsletter, this guest is automatically noted on your newsletter mailing list (from premium package). Use this option to inform your guests quickly and easily by e-mail.

Try it out !

Use our Besttable Demo Restaurant to get a picture of the reservation start. Check the Demo Restaurant

How much does it cost ?

If you would like to know what the online table reservation system besttable costs, then you will find all relevant information on the reservationmanager package overview Besttable.