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General Usage Policy

These general internet user guidelines (guidelines) are an integral part of the contract between the user of Besttable.net and the 4OM Online Marketing Agency GmbH (besttable), about the purchase of internet services (services) and the general terms and conditions. 
BestTable reserves the right to change these terms at any time. The customer is solely responsible for obtaining information about the current terms and conditions and internet usage guidelines. The currently valid and binding version of the   Terms and Conditions   and the Internet Usage Policy is published on the Internet.


Use of the services

The use of BestTable's Internet service may only be carried out in accordance with the laws of that country and Switzerland. The following actions are unlawful and violate these guidelines:

  • The use of committing an offense (fraud, cybercrime, money laundering, breach of trade secrets, forgery of documents, violence and threats against authorities and officials, illicit gambling, etc.) or to participate in a criminal offense (co-operation, incitement, mendacity) or committing a crime Offense committed by third parties under the supervision of the client, such as children, employees, sub-cords, etc. (hereinafter "supervised"). In addition, measures must be taken which prevent the use of the commission of a crime by third parties.

  • The dissemination and / or direct or indirect disclosure of criminal or civil law content (violence, so-called hard pornography, request for violation of public peace, disturbance of religious and religious freedom, racial discrimination, honor defamation, defamation, personal injury, etc.) ) by the customer himself and / or by the person supervised by him.

  • The use of the service for unauthorized access, storage and distribution of content that is protected by law (copyright, trademark law, data protection law, design law, patent law and know-how such as trade secrets).

The customer undertakes to avoid the abovementioned infringements, to take the necessary preventive measures and to promptly inform BestTable of all known findings of such infringements or possible preventive measures. In particular, the customer must also prevent people under the age of 16 or 18 years from having access to content that may not be made accessible for this age group.


System and network security 

System and network security breaches constitute a breach of contract for which the customer is liable under civil law. If the required conditions are met, the customer is also liable to criminal charges. In these cases, BestTable reserves the right to file a complaint with the relevant law enforcement authorities.Among other things, the following acts represent breaches of contract by the customer, which may also lead to a criminal sanction:

  • The unauthorized access to or use of data, systems and network elements, the examination of the vulnerability of the system or the network competence without prior agreement or the attempt to breach security precautions and authorization measures, without the prior written consent of the person concerned has been obtained.

  • The unauthorized monitoring of the flow of data and traffic without the prior written consent of the competent authorities or the network owner.

  • Disruption of the service to a customer, to system or network components, in particular by means of mail bombs, mass mailings or other attempts of system overload.

  • Falsification of control information in TCP-IP packets (packet header), eg the TCP / IP addresses or information in the control part (eg address of recipients / senders), in an electronic message or in a newsgroup entry.

The customer takes the necessary measures to prevent him and those he supervises from committing the above-mentioned or similar violations of foreign networks. When connecting and using the equipment that he uses for the purpose of using a service, the customer must, if necessary, follow the instructions of BestTable. The customer is obliged to take the necessary safety measures. He alone is responsible for ensuring that the customer equipment complies with legal standards in terms of safety.

The customer and the persons supervised by him have the duty to leave the services of BestTable according to the pre-written online procedure and to click on "Logout" and close the used browser, so that third parties are denied access to the customer's account , The passwords provided to the customer are for personal use and should therefore be treated confidentially. The customer is personally responsible for possible misuse by passing on or non-security of the passwords.

BestTable reserves the right to randomly check the stored and transmitted content for compliance with these guidelines.


Emails and other electronic mail 

For the content of messages (e-mails, SMS, etc.) sent by the customer from his Internet connection using a BestTable service, the customer is responsible. The customer indemnifies BestTable if third parties claim against BestTable in connection with the transmission of messages by the customer. 

The sending of harassing emails, particularly unsolicited commercial communications and general, impersonal announcements, is prohibited, as is the sending of identical unsolicited communications to one or more electronic distribution lists (spamming). It also prohibits the forgery of header information in Usenet messages and the publication of the same or similar messages in several electronic newsgroups such as Usenet Spamming, Excessive Multi-Posting and Excessive Cross-Posting.

Also, no foreign mail server may be used as a distribution point (relay) for the distribution of electronic messages without the written permission of the owner of the mail server.



All entries in the system of BestTable are considered binding. The customer has a duty to comply with the consequences. This applies in particular to the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided by the restaurant operators. Furthermore, the customers are obliged to fulfill the reservation requests in the manner desired in the system. Deliberate misrepresentations, deceptions and multiple reservations are strictly prohibited. The customer is obligated to report incorrect entries, subsequent changes or cancellations as quickly as possible to the restaurant by phone or email.

BestTable can not guarantee the accuracy of reservations or information entered by the restaurant and disclaims all liability.


Punishment of violations

BestTable may terminate the provision of services and access to the network if any act or omission by the customer appears to jeopardize or jeopardize the normal functioning or security of the network BestTable provides the services over, or if the customer fails to comply with the contract (incl. of these guidelines) with BestTable. The effort involved in the investigation of such injuries will be charged to the customer. Customer acknowledges that BestTable may be required to disclose the identity of Customer to third parties (such as law enforcement agencies) in the event of any violation of these policies.


Notification, Complaints and Changes

Complaints or communications in connection with the guidelines or security breaches specified here must be reported to us. The customer is obliged to promptly inform BestTable about the defects, disruptions or interruptions of services, equipment or software that have come to his attention, including all cases of misuse of the service by third parties (eg hackers). 


By uploading photos / images on our site (eg as an adjunct to ratings) you confirm, warrant and agree that you own the copyright for these photos / images.Further, you agree that Besttable.net may use the uploaded photos / images on its (mobile) website and the App, as well as for (online / offline) advertising material and publications at the discretion of Besttable.net. You grant Besttable.net a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, unrestricted, indefinite right and license to use, reproduce, display, distribute, sublicense, communicate and make available the photos / images at Besttable.net's sole discretion close. By uploading these photos / images, the person uploading the images recognizes full legal and moral responsibility for any legal claims by third parties (including but not limited to accommodation owners) resulting from the use or publication of these photos / images by Besttable. net on. Besttable.net owns and does not support any of the uploaded photos / images. The accuracy, validity and the right to use all of these photos / images is up to the person who uploaded the photo and is not the responsibility of Besttable.net. Besttable.net disclaims any responsibility or liability for the uploaded photos. The person uploading the photo warrants that the photos / images will not contain any viruses, Trojans, infected files, pornographic, illegal, obscene, offensive, inappropriate or inappropriate material, and will not contain any rights (intellectual property rights, copyrights, privacy rights ) Hurt third. Photos / images that do not meet the criteria mentioned above will not be published and / or removed / deleted by Besttable.net at any time without notice

Intellectual property

Unless otherwise stated, the software used and available for our services or our website, as well as the intellectual property (including copyrights) in the content and applications on our website are the property of Besttable.net BV, its affiliates or providers. Besttable.net has exclusive ownership of all rights, titles and usage rights (the entire intellectual property) of the website through which the service is available (including guest reviews and translated content). You may not, without our express written permission, copy, suspend, link (through hyperlinks or deeplinks), publish, promote, market, or market the content or the Besttable.net brand (including any translations or guest reviews). integrate, refer, use, connect or otherwise use. If you use or link to our (translated) content (including guest reviews) (in whole or in part), or have any intellectual property rights to the Site or any (translated) content (including guest reviews) in any form, withdraw them and transfer them to Besttable. net. Any unlawful use and any of these acts or practices constitute a material breach of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and database copyright law)


Zofingen, January 01, 2016